Sunday 12 April 2009

Preaching to the converted

"Can I try a bit of your rhubarb Mummy?" said OS today as I was tucking into a bowlful for pudding.
"No" says I, "you don't like it, it would be a waste".
"Can I try a bit?" says YS. "No, I'm afraid not, I don't want it wasted it's just too good to waste".
"Well if you are sure you won't waste it you could have a little bit..."
Two screwed up faces and silence and then a smile from OS.
"Actually it's really nice!"
YS screwed up his face some more, "Can I try some tommorrow - I might like it then?"

OK you can't win them all...


  1. Sorry to hear they liked it (though it's good for everyone to eat more fruit and veg...), not as much for you now :(

  2. hehe, we keep making that mistake too. Love love love rhubarb!!!
    Loving your blog too, just found it today!
    Off to have a nosey round.

  3. Sent to try us! Bless em! Don't think you ever totally win with kids, as long as they make you smile though its all worth it!

    Linzi x x