Saturday 4 April 2009


We picked a kilo of rhubarb today, I had some for pudding it was delicious. I will disguise some for the boys as the think they don't like it. They will. Rhubarb and custard cake anyone?


  1. Oh you lucky thing ! did you force it ? as mine is up but certainly not ready for picking yet. I am still harvesting purple sprouting broccoli and leeks though, so can't complain.
    maureen :)

  2. No I didn't force it but it did have to work through a good covering of horse manure - perhaps that had a forcing effect? I'm forcing some in my Aunties garden and it is nowhere near this far forward and we are far colder at the lottie too. Strange isn't it?

  3. andyg is the hubby - he never signs out!
    Anyway, as I said, then deleted....Your Rhurbarb looks great, everybody over to your house?? We just got given our 1st Rhurbarb plant, so fingers crossed.

  4. I'm thinking of sacrificing some of my rhubarb by using 1 inch pieces in every hole I dig for my brassicas. It's supposed to help stop club root.
    I also use lots of lime in each hole as well.
    The Captain.