Monday 20 July 2009

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake?

With apologies to Crowded House. We really enjoyed the chocolate courgette cake definitely one for the recipe file. This photo doesn't do it justice. Today we mainly weeded. Again.


  1. That cake looks seriously YUMMY, I haven't tried it yet, so tell me can you taste any hint of a courgette ??

  2. No you can't. It just makes it really moist (to the point that I had to cook it for twice as long as my recipe said. It was an enourmous cake (a 20x35cm tin). You can see I also added chocolate glace icing which wasn't in the recipe I had but I felt it improved it. As a test I gave a piece to my Mum and told her it had a mystery ingredient. She did not guess.
    I might try a chocolate beetroot cake when the beetroot is ready, that is supposed to be good too.

  3. Looks gorg!!! Melt in your mouth cake I bet!!!!

    Wish i had the patience (really I mean skill) to make cakes! Always get annoyed and dont measure things so it ends up a sticky mess that even the ducks won't eat - trust me its bad!!!

    Think you have a point about that last post!!! I promise not to do that again!!! Blown it for us all!!! haha

    Linzi x x

  4. Mmmm, it looks delish! I must track down a recipe.