Friday 31 July 2009

We dig dig dig...

We love potatoes, they are the earth's buried treasure, there is nothing quite so satisfying as turning over a forkfull of soil to find, who knows what? The boys have taken the job of digging them up as their own and mutiny when I suggest we limit ourselves to just one row at a time. This ungency has it's advantages though as space is still at a premium. Today I planted pak choi, beetroot, onions (too late?) and four, yes count them, four brussel spout plants. Only another 56 brassic plants to find room for then - and that's not counting the lacey ones which I fear will go straight to the compost, without passing go.

Rather a lot of weeds in the background again - honestly I do try.


  1. Fab picture, I love digging up spuds, it's like finding treasure. It's my favourite memory of my childhood with my grandfather. The 'weeds' make a nice green back drop to the photo...;)

  2. What a sweetie and he looks so pleased with himself. never mind the weeds (says she who is always weeding !!) the main thing is that you have lots of tasty veg.
    I truly am trying to follow my own advice and trying not to be concerned about the 'prettiness' of my plot (is that a word ?) I have only just planted my 6 Purple sprouting broccoli plants and 5 brussel sprout plants, but they should be OK as they were is decent sized pots all this time.