Thursday 30 July 2009

That's shallot

The local town made the news this evening. Apparently we have had 170mm of rain today, although it all seemed to be in one shower around lunchtime. We went up to the allotment first thing and did our harvesting so while the rain fell we had a surprising amount of fun plaiting our onions, shallots, garlic and my hair, although not together. These are the shallots that I am saving for next year.

The plants I had put in the paddling pool so I didn't have to water them whilst I was away in the week have had to be rescued. Their pots were entirely under water, the plants were all trying to snorkel. The wormery also had to be rescued as the worms were having to swim, hopefully they will recover - I feel very responsible for them.

One of the least sucessful things this year (apart from carrots) have been my brassica seedlings which grew well and then suffered from terminal neglect. They have become lace curtain like this week and the boys spent a happy 10 minutes relocating caterpillars around the garden. I will try to salvage something when things dry out a little.


  1. My brassicas are lacy too, but as they're netted, it's down to slugs rather than caterpillars.
    I haven't grown any onions,shallots or garlic this year, and as I've just had a haircut there is definitely nothing to plait here.

  2. Dear me - darn brassicas I have them, never growing them again!!!! Plus I hate killing catepillars I think they're cute and such wonderful symbology for life. I'm sure your worms will forgive you, they are resilent creatures (they have to be in our plot with me constantly cutting them in half [by mistake!!] and maggie trying to sniff the life out any that come her way).
    Looking forward to garlic plaiting, have to learn a little about technique - get it all French looking!