Thursday 16 July 2009

Currying favour

Living near Leicester with its high Asian population, we love a good curry in these parts. The kids get fed curry at nursery and at school and my work canteen always has it as an option, but we had curry for dinner tonight. Hurrah for you, you might cry, but the point was it was made with love with stuff I grew.
Garlic, from the allotment.
Onions (I'm using up those that bolted) from the allotment.
Corriander from the pot in the garden.
Cauliflower, from the allotment.
Courgette (one of those bad boys) from the allotment.
Carrots - yes well as I've mentioned before they have always been my nemisis.
Rice - looks like a crop for the future based on this weeks weather!
We'll gloss over the cheats curry paste.
You get the picture.
I had four clean plates and it was so satisfying. Lots of chat, "This is the courgette I planted", "Did I dig this onion up?" and even "Isn't Mum clever Daddy?".
(They all agreed I was).
I'd give you the recipe but it was grab what's ready in the garden, cook until the broad beans are podded and in the freezer. Fix the rice and nan and serve.


  1. I love curries too, but I never make them as I'm the only one in our house who will eat it.
    It's nice to be able to use so much of what you have grown in one dish.

  2. Wow!!!! Im impressed!!! I have only started with spuds and outdoor tomatoes this year, but will improve on that next year!!!! I swell to 10 feet tall when I'm picking them out and washing them!!!!

    Linzi x x x